This is the second and final installment of the process thread for the printing of “The Sea Also Rises: Interlude- The Camino Cats Make Their Escape”

Read the first part HERE.

4th screen- Red now down- reg is looking hot. The Texas weather can be a real bitch when screen printing, as the humidity can cause the paper to swell up, throwing reg off. But it looks like the Texas weather gods smiled on us so far…

Them dots have lined up. To a printer, that’s about as beautiful as the actual poster. (Almost)

Throwing down the Transparent Black layer. Trans black is something Clint turned me on to a while back, and it’s hard not to use it in every print I do now. It adds a shadow layer to every color, doubling the total amount of colors in the print. The brown you see in the top left (the seat back) is made by the red over the green, FYI. Making a brown like that was something we learned totally by accident on the ‘If You’ve Seen What I’ve Seen’ print a while back- I like it a lot more than pre-mixed browns.

Clint between passes on the Transparent Black layer.

Waiting for the final layer, Black line. You’ll see we did the shark and tires w/ the Transparent Black as well. For me, part of the design fun is all about getting as much colors as possible out of the smallest number of screens!

This is the finished print! 18×24 edition of 160. We seriously didn’t have a single ‘reject’ in the run. Pretty neat! Signed and numbered by me.

This is the finished Line Art edition of the Camino Cats print- edition of 15.  It’s a whole different screen from the black layer on the color edition- there was a lot of changes from the original line art to the color version.

Each of the Line Art Variants (Edition of 15), like all the line art variants in this series, have hand-drawn doodles by me. The design on this one left a lot of open space down in the bottom for me to draw in, so these are way more complex than the drawings on the last two “Sea Also Rises” line-art prints.

These go up for sale tomorrow (Thursday) on the Nakatomi Site!

Please note- 25 of these puppies are going over to Japan for the ‘No Fin No Future’ art show/ fundraiser to help end Shark Fishing!  I already had this print in the pipeline when the call for entries came, so it dovetailed perfectly with their theme!  Now, if only we could train cats to rescue sharks in the real world, eh? Check out the art show HERE.

-Tim Doyle