Hey, I know that shirt!  Matt Fraction is the current writer of Iron Man (among other great books).  Iron Man is my all-time favorite super-hero.  So when eagle-eyed Nakatomi agent at large and Baseball Fan, Alan Reynoso passed this clip on to me, I just about squee-ed.

Matt there, (and he is a WRITER- not an artist, as MLB credits him …duh!) is rocking Paul Pope’s invitational T-shirt from a few months back.

Being a life-long shellhead fan, this was a huge bonus for me.  And it looks like Matt there is a life-long fan of the color black.

See the clip HERE.

Do you doubt my Iron Man loving ways?  LOOK:


That’s me surveying my collection of Iron Man statues.  I’m sorry you had to see that.

And, just in case you were wondering, if you ordered JUST a Paul Pope shirt, you got your order, if you ordered the print and shirt and live in the US, you got the shirt, if you ordered the Print and shirt and live overseas…you’ll be getting your shirt and print VERY shortly.

-alex fugazi!  Shirtless and Unafraid.