warriors 2

Good and Evil.

Here at Nakatomi Print Labs, we’re always trying to improve our set-up.  Test the limits of what we can print, and explore the boundaries of screenprinting.  One thing we don’t do a lot of is photo-collage work.  So, we decided to fire up the ‘ol photoshop and see what we could do.

We  printed these as a photo resolution test, but they’re just way too cool not to get out there. Since obviously ZERO thought went into these, we’re selling ’em cheap. But really, what thought needs to go into DON KNOTTS vs. OSAMA BIN LADEN duking it out on the GAME GRID. We weren’t thinking with our minds…we were thinking with our hearts.

2 prints each measuring 11 3/4″ square.

Only 15 sets available to the public, the rest will be digitized at ENCOM and sent to compete in the games.

Available HERE for $15 per set in the Art Prints section!

-alex fugazi

(check out the detail shots below!)

knotts tron

osama tron