Not specifically Nakatomi related, BUT-

If you were paying attention to Doyle’s Flickr stream a while back, you have already seen these-


These silkscreen prints were commissioned by Austin over at the new site, a while back, and starting TUESDAY at NOON, they will finally be for sale!

Here’s some background info from Doyle-

“Months back when ‘Change Into a Truck’ blew up into the meme-of-the-month, I had a phone call with Jermaine Rogers who was doing a print for me on Nakatomi at the time.  And Jermaine said in his deep, slow, baritone “You should do Change into a Gun…immediately.”  It’s hard to resist a voice that sounds like a chain smoking James Earl Jones, but I filed it away in the ‘must do in the near future’ category.  Life and other projects intervened,  and it wasn’t until Austin Ferdinand approached me about doing an exclusive for Pandora’s Prints that the concept resurfaced. Austin leaped at the idea, and now here we are!  If this poster had a Tech Spec, it would read ‘Consensus through Tyranny’.”

Go get em!  Austin also has a bunch of long sold-out Nakatomi Prints up for sale there as well, like the Bill Murray and Change into a Truck!  Make sure you tell ’em Nakatomi sent ya!

-alex fugazi