According to Paul Pope’s twitter feed (and a quick Wiki search) last Friday would have been the 92nd birthday of the one man more responsible for what we know as popular culture than anyone else in the world- Jack ‘King’ Kirby.

Oddly enough, I JUST finished reading his Demon Omnibus that was published by DC a while back- and as fate would have it, I had some extra space on a print we were working on, and the color scheme used was JUST RIGHT-

the demon

What are we doing w/ these, you ask?  Free art.  There’s 100 of these 6″ x 24″ 4 color prints, and we’re throwing ’em in w/ every order to spread the Kirby love.  Heck, you don’t even have to place an order if you want one- swing on by the print shop, or send a SAST (Self Addressed , Stamped Tube) to Nakatomi HQ, and we’ll send one of these right back to you while supplies last.  Just make sure you include enough postage for a 1lb priority mail shipment for it to get back to you!

PLEASE NOTE- We can only ship these freebie posters with other poster orders (unless you send a tube!).  If you order a sticker set or a t-shirt pick POSTER shipping, so we can’t  get it in there all together in a tube.

You want the address?  Shoot us a contact email from the form below!

In other news…what the heck is wrong w/ my camera?  That picture sucks!  Geez, I guess you really shouldn’t  take time lapse photos from within the microwave.  (don’t ask.)

-Alex Fugazi