So a few months back, the fine folks (read- Jensen) at Gallery 1988 came to Nakatomi to create a poster for their show.  And then those plans were quickly scrapped in favor of doing the actual SHOW poster to promote the event!

As intimidating as it was following in the footsteps of the previous 2 AMAZING show prints by Chris Lee, Andrew Wilson & Scott Campbell, we bucked up and went right at it-

“All Those Wonderful Toys” is an 18×24 3 color silkscreen print, with metallic silver, limited to 100 copies, and is signed and numbered by the artist, Tim Doyle.

Here’s a detail shot-

So, how do you get one of these?  Well- head on over to Gallery 1988’s site and make sure you give them a buzz or drop them an E-Mail to let ’em know!  Only 50 prints will be available at the show!

Now- there’s also a contest for this print- if you can be the one to name ALL the movie references in this print, you win a whole mess of free prints, some worth a pretty penny.  But not from me, from Gallery 1988- so again- if you want to enter, they have a key and everything over THERE.

Don’t go sending me your answer keys, it’ll make me all sad that your reading comprehension skills are so low, dig?

Here’s a secret- for those of you who were following Doyle’s Flickr account about a month back, he had ACCIDENTALLY posted the answers to the contest (this was before we even had the idea of a contest, so no big).  See what happens you don’t pay attention?

While you’re busy scrambling over there to follow Doyle on Flickr, go ahead and sign up for the mailing list while your at it, eh?  ‘Cause once Gallery 1988 sells outta their copies, Nakatomi will only have 18 for sale, and you don’t wanna miss when those are going to drop.

You’ve been warned!

Special thanks to Jensen for the gig, and to Clint Wilson for the printing assist, as this was the first print out of the newly completed Nakatomi Print studio!

-alex fugazi