angie-soundwaveEveryone knows that Nakatomi is staffed with the nerdiest nerds that ever nerded.  And, nothing says nerd-core like world-famous rapper mc chris!  So, when it came time to get a poster done for his show in Oklahoma City a couple of days back, the call went out- “bring me nerd-art!”  And so we delivered-

blurry-soundwaveFeaturing everyone’s favorite micro-cassette recorder/ killer robot rocking a mixtape of mc chris, this 18×24 silkscreen print is designed by Tim Doyle, and has 4 colors with metallic silver ink!  Signed and numbered by the artist.  Limited to just 100 copies, Nakatomi will only have 40 for sale!  (They will also have some soon over at if we sell out.)

Posters are in hand for immediate shipment!  Special thanks to Mitch Putnam for the gig and Rob Jones for the inspiration!

You can find it in the new ‘Gig Posters’ section of the site, in which we’ll have plenty of new stuff coming as well as listing some pre-Nakatomi Gig-Posters that have been sold out on other sites for quite a while!

-alex fugazi