Here’s some good news, guys!  For those of you patiently waiting for these prints- they are on their way!


First up, the ‘Punch-Out at the Last Supper’ is here.  This one was printed by the amazingly thorough Satch Grimley here in Austin.  I actually sat in on the printing of this one, and let me say…Nakatomi will be using Satch a WHOLE lot more in the future.  His shop is literally down the street from Nakatomi HQ, and is fairly exclusive on the clients he works with.


Next is Billy Perkins’ ‘Ursus Major’.  This one looks killer in person, and one thing that’s not coming through in the pictures is the crazy METALLIC paper this one is printed on.  D and L absolutely KILLED the halftones in the sky up top.  These look great in person.  Billy Perkins came in and signed and numbered this and layed some real science on me.  What he has coming up for us at Nakatomi is really killer.


Tyler Stout’s Nakatomi Invitational is here!  Beautiful and bad-a$$$.  And for those you who bought subscriptions-


Tyler Stout’s got wood.  (That was a little too easy…my apologies.)  These are freaking RAGING in person.  you lucky and smart devils who hopped on the subscription are in for a treat!

And for those of you still waiting on Daniel Danger’s Invitational, our busy, busy hero assures us that they are now finally printed, signed, numbered and packed, and should be in my eager hands next week and your hands very shortly thereafter.

Thank you all, keep your peepers peeled on the site, and if you haven’t yet…join the mailing list to stay on top of exclusive offers and early-purchase opportunities!

-alex fugazi