So, look at these beauties that turned up at my front door yesterday-


Damn those turned out nice.  Special thanks to the great folks over at D and L screenprinters for the great work as usual.

All orders have been packed and shipped…look for ’em by the end of the week, or early next.  (Unless you live overseas, and that means 2 weeks?)

Check out our fancy Tube Caps-


And, once all orders were packed, we had a VERY SMALL amount of these left in each edition (like, 4-8 for each).  If you’re one of the people who were still looking for one of these, hop on over to the store’s ART PRINTS page and snatch one up!

And just to show you how much we love you, here’s a preview of the next one in the ACTOR TIMES SIX! set-


Deniro Times Six! Will drop later this week- sign up to the mailing list to get advance warning, and RSS this blog while you’re at it!


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