Okay, so I must say, when it comes to any movie featuring thespian-extraordinaire, Christian Bale, I am instantly stoked out of my gourde. And as most of you may know (if you don’t, find the nearest cliff to leap off) he will now be starring as the gun blasting, robot thrashing, savior to humanity’s future, John Connor, in the up and coming sequel to the Terminator franchise.

Badass you say? Correct, I say. Even if that dude with the fake real name, McG, is directing? Have faith, I say. Because after you listen to this next little bit of audio, featuring Christian Bale verbally ripping a new asshole for a member of the crew, you may start to realize who is really in charge… I now have full faith in Bale’s ability to fight off the seemingly endless hordes of  Skynet’s T600 human annihilators. Oh yeah, and it also stars Common,  I dare you to not like that.

…I’m starting to wonder if American Psycho was actually a Christian Bale biopic…

-Sean Robb