Okay…so someone sent this to me a few months back.  And it furthers my belief that Robocop is the best thing in the world.  Robocop will eat your chicken and steal your fridge.

So, what blows me away is that someone in Korea thought it’d be a great idea for a title character from an American film that ALMOST got  rated X for violence (in the days before NC-17), who is a modern day Frankestein’s monster…a mutilated,  resurrected cop-corpse, bent on a quest not only for identity but for bloody, brutal revenge…should sell Korean Moms on fried chicken.  And then STEAL THEIR FRIDGE!

I’ll buy that for a dollar!

Man, that’s as dumb as repackaging an R rated movie about a near-suicidal Vietnam Vet who no longer recognizes the land he loves, and the almost lethal disconnect to the people that live there, as a toy line for kids!

Oh…yeah.  Forgot about that one.

And the best fake-commercial ever-

Hmm…even the fake commercials can’t keep up with the insanity of the REAL Korean ones.  Man…screw it, I’m moving to Asia.

I hope Robocop won’t steal my fridge.