The Intergalactic Nemesis full 7-issue comic book set is now printed and in hand, ready to ship!  You get 165 pages of 1930’s style pulp-sci-fi action, and a TON of back-of-the-book special features.  The entire series is written by Jason Neulander and  drawn by Nakatomi’s Tim Doyle with coloring by Paul Hanley and Lee Duhig.

The first 20 sets sold will come with an original sketch by Tim Doyle.  (And, possibly more sets beyond that, provided Doyle’s drawing hand doesn’t give out!)


Over 18 months in the drawing alone, this set is a rock’em sock’em outer-space good time!

While you’re at it, Nakatomi still has about a dozen of these hand-printed silk-screen ‘vintage gig-posters’ featuring the villain of the book- Mysterion!

Available HERE in the comics section of the Nakatomi store!

And, if you’re in the Austin area this weekend-

Come see- The Intergalactic Nemesis Live Action Graphic Novel spectacular at the Long Center for the Performing Arts this Friday and Saturday!

The artwork from the comic book is projected along with 3 actors, a foley artist, and a pianist performing a score- LIVE!  It’s truly a new form of entertainment!

Go to the LONG CENTER’s site and purchase tickets, or just walk on up the night of the show!

We’ll also be selling comic sets and prints there at the show, and signing autographs- come on out for a great time!

-alex fugazi

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